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 9/12/12 - Closure on Steam! 

It's been a while since I've updated this site. I'm surprised its still getting views, actually, but this news is important enough to warrant an update.
Closure, the full version that me and jon have been working on for THREE YEARS, is available on Steam right now.

I have been making games for the internet since I was in middle school, and all of them have been free up until now. If you've enjoyed any of my games ever, you should consider showing your support by picking up Closure. We put a LOT of effort into it, and the response so far has been awesome.

Enjoy the game, and follow me on twitter if you want too.
 1/4/10 - IGF!! 

I normally try to keep Closure news on the Closure website, but I can't for this cause it's so awesome. The game was nominated 3 times for IGF this year in the audio, technical, and innovation categories. I'm pumped!
 12/16/09 - EXPLOSIONS!! 

New game, Tetraform. Play it at Newgrounds for highscores enabled.
 6/15/09 - Take A Journey 

New game, Pilgrimage. It's a game about abstraction. Also read my blog post about it.
 4/26/09 - New Closure 

New project, I'm documenting its development. Closure. It's not the same as the flash version at all.
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